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About me

I worked in the airline industry for many years, the last 14 years as Cabin Crew with a large International airline. The continual jet lag and both physical/mental stress put a terrific strain on our bodies. During one long flight I had a terrible migraine, a fellow crew member offered to help me with Reiki. My migraine lifted and I was eager to find out more. Over ten years ago I trained with Reiki Master, Jane Raworth, a member of the Reiki Alliance, I attained Reiki level 2 with her.

Circumstances led me to have to leave the job I loved to look after my Mother, her health was deteriorating and she was diagnosed with dementia. I became her full time Carer 24/7.
My mother passed away early 2019 and it was then I decided to continue my Reiki journey, progressing to Master. As Jane Raworth had also passed away I began my new search and found a new Master in Amanda White, member of the Reiki Federation. I am now trained in both Western and Eastern versions of Reiki and through both of my Masters, can trace my Reiki lineage back to Mikao Usui.
I am now a member of the Reiki Federation and the CthA, Complimentary Therapists Association.
My aim is now to share Reiki with a wider audience introducing people to the many benefits of Reiki.


Mikao Usui

Usui Memorial Stone

About Mikao Usui


Little is really known about Mikao Usui’s life, many stories have been told, but, none can be truly verified.
We known that Mikao Usui was born in 1865 in a small Japanese village. His family were hatamoto samurai, descendants of a famous samurai clan who guarded the shogun.

Usui, a Tendai Buddhist, studied at the local Buddhist monastery as a child. His training, from the age of 12, included martial arts, at which he became an adept, it could be speculated he was receiving samurai training in secret.

Mikao Usui tried many professions one of which was personal secretary to Shinpei Goto, the Minister for transport and also Mayor of Tokyo. Whilst in this position he travelled extensively, to Europe, America and China.
He quit this position to start his own business, unfortunately, it failed, causing him and his family great shame. It is believed that it was this event, having reached rock bottom, facing bankruptcy, which was a criminal offence, intensified his desire to expand his spiritual knowledge. He studied Shugendo, a combination of Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism and Shamanism. Part of the difficult Shugendo training, designed to push the adept to human mental and physical limits, was to seek enlightenment during a period of remote isolation. Usui stayed on Mount Kurama, (near Kyoto), for 21 days without food or water.

It is during this time, his memorial stone tells us, that he felt a deep awareness of Oneness and energetic connection. He had his ‘satori’, moment of enlightenment, from this he obtained Reiki Ryoho meaning the system of Reiki and healing hands, which he would use and teach to others.

Usui believed that it was important to share the benefits with the wider community rather than just for himself and his family.
Reiki was passed down through his students and spread throughout the West via the lineage of Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata and Phyllis Lei Furumoto. There are many versions of Reiki available today including Angel Reiki and Crystal Reiki.

I have been trained both in the traditional Western Reiki, where my Reiki lineage is directly from Phyllis Lei Furumoto, and also in the Eastern, more spiritual, Reiki, where my lineage is only 7 steps from Mikao Usui.


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