Reiki Treatments

Reiki treatments are received fully clothed, the only things you remove are your shoes.
The client is made comfortable on a massage bed and encouraged to relax. However, if you find it uncomfortable to lie down, I also offer seated treatments.
As I use both Western and Eastern Reiki practices, I use both the hands on and hands off approach. If you do not wish to be touched, the treatment can be fully ‘hands off’.
Your body uses the Reiki Energy to heal itself. It is a non invasive, gentle but very effective treatment with no contra-indications.
As a Reiki Therapist, I do not diagnose and I do not claim to cure. I work in conjunction with Medical professionals, providing a Complimentary Therapy not an alternative.
I have a small dog, Teddy, a Cavachon, he likes to receive Reiki and will usually come into the treatment room and lie by my feet.
Please advise me at the time of booking if you have any allergies.


Whilst my treatment room is on the ground floor with ground floor facilities, it is not wheelchair accessible. However, in those circumstances, I can also provide a mobile service to treat you in your own home.


One Hour Reiki Treatment
Half Hour Reiki Treatment
Seated Half Hour Reiki Treatment
Remote Reiki

As Reiki is not constricted by time or distance, I also offer ‘remote’ Reiki treatments. These can be arranged by email for a time that suits you, anywhere in the world. Payment for these treatments would be by PayPal.

Animal Reiki

All animals are naturally drawn to the Reiki energy and, like humans, benefit greatly from treatments, they instinctively know that Reiki can help them. Animal Reiki treatments are usually half an hour, not including consultation, carried out in your pet’s home environment, I find this less stressful for them as they usually like to sleep after a treatment.

Julie Archer
Forge Cottage, 1 Hatch close
Addlestone, Surrey KT15 2TS